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Antigravity Micro Start PX-1 Personal Power Supply

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  • Antigravity Micro Start PX-1 Personal Power Supply

    After being shown one of these last weekend, I did my research, and bought one today for the Jeep. The PW has dual batteries, so I'm not as concerned about battery problems. The Jeep has a single battery, albeit a very good one - a DieHard Platinum G35, but with a fridge and winch, having a backup seemed to be a good idea. I've tried the small lead/acid type of power packs from Schumaker, DieHard and Interstate Battery, and had very poor results. They always seem dead when needed, and even after a full recharge, didn't work as well as I thought they would. The long term storage ability of the Lithium Ion battery, along with the size really appealed to me. The testimonial from BX who has used his already, as well as the reviews and videos I read or watched convinced me that this was exactly what I needed. Also having the option to power other equipment will be very handy.

    So, here it is!

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    That is impressive! It would save a lot of space and weight to have one of those instead of a second battery. And the cost isn't all that high either compared to something like an AGM battery.