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  • Please Cancel

    Please cancel my membership. If I can't change my email, there's no point. Thank you.

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    Sorry you are having problems. I just checked and I am able to edit my email address. It does need to be valid and requires you to use your password. Once you make the change you do have to use the verification link sent to that email address.

    I switched mine twice and found no problems.
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      As HenryJ pointed out (Thanks!), the software let's you change the email address.
      Click on "User CP" in the top left of the forum window and then select "Edit Email & Password" from "Settings & Options".
      If you still have trouble let us know what the problem is and we'll try to fix it.

      Of course if you still just want your account removed let us know.
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        Henry and WhiteTG can share the diplomacy award
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