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  • Uploading to Photo Gallery

    I can't seem to upload anything to the photo gallery.

    I created a new gallery and have tried uploading single photos from the upload files selection and also tried the Windows XP "Publish this file to the web" method and neither seems to work.

    With single files I get an error message saying "Impossible to Move". With windows publish to the web, it goes through all the files, but when its done, none have been copied.

    Has anyone tried putting photos in the gallery lately?

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    It has been that way for quite a while.
    I figured that there were changes in store, or the gallery was frozen to members until a new gallery was formed.
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      Sorry it is not working. I have not tested it for a while. Indeed I have not allowed new members until a new photo gallery is adopted.
      Any suggestions for a new photogallery software?

      Alan let me play with it this Sunday to see if I can fix the issue.

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