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How to quote from a post

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  • How to quote from a post

    There are times when one wants to quote some text from somewhere on the forum and the "Quote" button is not appropriate. Here is one way to get it done (as always, let me know if you have a better way):

    1) Copy the text to be quoted to the clipboard. This is done via the standard methods of selecting the text and then either clicking Ctrl+C or right clicking the selection with the mouse and picking "Copy" from the menu

    2) Start the new post you want to quote the text from 1). Paste it in the text and select it. Now use the icon above the text are.

    3) If you want the name of the quoted person to appear add it in the first brackets: QUOTE -> QUOTE=someone

    That's it. The steps are also shown in the little attached movie.

    Note that the WYSIWYG option for editing has to be in effect (UserCP->Edit Options there at the bottom of the screen you can configure the editor)
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    Nice tip. Very useful info for cross-topic quoting..

    A related tip can help save a bit of forum space. Sometimes when the quote button is used, you may not need the entire quote. Put your cursor into the quoted text and delete what you don't need. It can save a lot of double-takes when you may be responding to one little comment in the middle of the post you are quoting. I can honestly say I've never typed 'quote' this much in my life.
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      I did need a tutorial, or at least a push in the right direction to learn how to quote from a post. I always manage to learn just enough to get by without getting good at the finer points.


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        I also needed the push to look at it a little closer. I had been typing the tags and this inconvenience led to avoiding direct quotes.
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