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    If you are using Windows Xp, you can try the cool integrated batch upload to the Photo Gallery. It will help format the pictures on the fly too.

    Yes, you need to register in the Photo Gallery server first.
    Use this link for instruction on how to post your pictures from your WindowsXp machine without much work including automatic formatting the images size.
    10/17/06 Fixed link

    Consider playing with it and let me know.


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    So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
    Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.

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    BlueTrooper ,
    Sorry about the gallery problem. I just checked your account. It seems to be good to go. You should have received an e-mail from the server. Well, e-mail these days ...
    Try reseting your password (forgot password) and let me know how it goes.

    I still have a hope to be able to transfer all the large pictures over. We will see.

    Figured I'd move this into the proper area...getting too crowded in that "We're back...!" forum!

    So, I did manage to reset the password and get logged into the gallery, but I cannot figure out how to do the batch upload (I am using XP Pro). Could that be something that is an add-on I don't have?

    Also, I think it would help members if there was an easy link to the gallery within the forum. Placed as a sticky would be okay, but if the forum allows you to configure an external link in the main menu at the top, that would be awesome!

    I was hard-pressed to find a working link to get me to the gallery until I went out to the 4wdtrips home page. I think many members (myself included) go straight to the forum, bypassing the home page.
    Roy J.


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      From the vBulletin forum, quick links can be added by editing the "navbar template". Perhaps that is an option.


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        Good ideas.
        Need to look on that.

        I have some other priorities in the way still related to the Forum move, David W. and others websites.

        Alan, do you have experience modifying vB templates?
        I am sure we can find the answer on the documentation and their website/forum. Can't get to it at the moment.

        So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
        Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.


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          Photogallery quick link


          Just as a reminder, we have a photo gallery available for use. Just for you, lets do it the same cost as this Forum.
          No adds no pop-ups. Same general principle we have around here about "a fair use".

          2/27/06 - updated link to the new location

          - If you, your ISP, or where you try to access the Photogallery have TCP/IP port 8085 closed, it will not work. I am planning to solve this inconvenience as a medium term project.
          - You need to register again since the two systems don't talk yet.
          - You can upload multiple files similar to the Forum scheme but for lots of pics at once and you use Windows Xp, consider using web publishing, see bellow.
          - Until we can manage the time to make a quick tutorial:

          XP Web Publishing Wizard Client

          This module allows to use Windows XP web publishing wizard with Coppermine.
          Code is based on article posted by Sebastian Delmont Creating your own XP Publishing Wizard.
          What is required
          • Windows XP in order to have the wizard.
          • A working installation of Coppermine on which the web upload function works properly.
          How to install on client side
          • Right click on this link. Select "save target as..". Save the file on your hard drive. When saving the file, check that the proposed file name is cpg_###.reg (the ### represents a numerical timestamp). Change it to that name if necessary (leave the numbers). When downloaded, double click on the file in order to register your server with the web publishing wizard.
          • In Windows Explorer, select some files and click on Publish xxx on the web in the left pane.
          • Confirm your file selection. Click on Next.
          • In the list of services that appear, select the one for your photo gallery (it has the name of your gallery). If the service does not appear, check that you have installed cpg_pub_wizard.reg as described above.
          • Input your login information if required.
          • Select the target album for your pictures or create a new one.
          • Click on next. The upload of your pictures starts.
          • When it is completed, check your gallery to see if pictures have been properly added.
          Notes :
          • Once the upload has started, the wizard can't display any error message returned by the script so you can't know if the upload failed or succeeded until you check your gallery.
          • If the upload fails, enable "Debug mode" on the Coppermine admin page, try with one single picture and check error messages in the xp_publish.log file that is located in Coppermine directory on your server.
          • In order to avoid that the gallery be flooded by pictures uploaded through the wizard, only the gallery admins and users that can have their own albums can use this feature.
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          So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
          Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.


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            Thanks, Jack. One of the things I had to do was some tinkering with my Windows Explorer to get those darn "Microsoftian" options like "Order Prints" and such back on the screen.

            I'm an old-schooler, and have my XP set up to look as much like Windows 98 as possible. None of the colored 3D buttons and other fluff! I even have my filenames with extensions, and use detail view for viewing them much of the time.

            Once I got that option for "Publish selected files to web" up visible, it was a cake walk!

            Next time I do it, I'll probably do some of my usual tweaking to the files (brightness adjustment, mostly) before the upload, but I was so excited to see if it worked, all I really did was rotate a few images that were shot in a portrait aspect ratio.

            Also, since it seems like the gallery reduces images in the viewing, selecting the 640x480 option (I used 800x600 on this upload) would probably be best.


            I'll also post this link on the appropriate thread.

            Roy J.


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              Good job sir.

              I hope you guys will like this tool as much as I do. Sad it does not have the Xp like publishing feature for Mac, and Linux. Funny because the server runs in a Linux machine. People can still upload multiple pictures at the same time ....

              I never liked the sites that have all "adds the pop-ups" so they can give you free space to post your pictures. Your picture end using 1/2 of the screen, or less, the other is for adds.

              When / if we ran out of disk space, we just add more.
              Go for it, use it as much as you wish! I mean this for all of you in the Forum too.

              So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
              Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.


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                Text Color on Index Page of Gallery

                I know this may already be on your "to-do" list, Jack, but just in case...

                The text color identifying the Users below the thumbnails on this page:

                Appears to be black-on-black, and thus invisible. I verified this on MrS's computer.

                So, unless you happen to recognize a random image, there's no way to tell who the Gallery owners are, other than trial-and-error.

                Actually, you can verify the text is actually there by using one of my little tricks: Clicking and dragging the mouse cursor over to highlight and show the text. But who, other than a few power user ex-nerds like me, is going to know that?!?
                Roy J.


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                  You are correct. Need to fix that. Added to the todo list.

                  Thank you.
                  Glad to see people using the tool.
                  So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
                  Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.


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                    Thanks, Jack.

                    Originally posted by JackSilb
                    Anita takes great pics. But they never manage to get to share them with us. I hope you shown them how to do it instead of doing for them.
                    That way, we will have the pleasure of seeing Anita's pictures for the next trips and previous trips if they care to share.
                    Yes she does. I did show her how to upload. There might be some questions the first time she tries to do it on her own, but the hardest part is out of the way (at least on Steve's computer). Once registered on the gallery and the registry entry for the XP Publishing Wizard is installed, the rest is pretty easy.

                    Just FYI, I believe that resizing the photos to 640x480 before uploading may be better/faster than letting the system do it. We were on Steve's dial-up connection, and uploaded a whole folder of about 120 raw images. We did this because we were eager to see the system work. But...since it appears the resize must be done on your server's side, the upload time was...over an hour, I think. It may be of less consequence on a high-speed connection. I've never used the resize option, myself.

                    Looks like you may have beaten me to the punch on my next suggestion. As of last night, there were still some outdated links pointing to the old gallery, and to the old registry install routine. I actually stumbled into this and only realized my mistake when the system failed to log on. I see you've updated at least some of the links this morning. There may be more (I recall there were Photo Gallery instructions in more than one thread), but I haven't seen them today.
                    Roy J.


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                      You are correct again. If people format their pictures to 640 x 480 they will upload faster since they will be smaller. But, I try to make it easier for people. The PhotoGallery take a larger picture then reformat it for the user.

                      Thanks for the smart comments and setting-up Steve and Anita's machine.

                      So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
                      Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.


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                        I just ordered....and received my first ever digital camera! A Fuji FinePix S5200. I bought it based purely on price and features. I know nothing about them!

                        But I hope to learn from you all and contribute to all the fine photo's that so many share with our group!

                        So feel free to teach away!!!!!!

                        The attached pic below, is the first ever pic taken with my very own digital camera. Taken out my kitchen window on a VERY rainy San Diego night.....looking out a dirty, double pane glass window!

                        I wanted to "test" the lines in the fence. They were sharper and cleaner at full resolution. But when I downsized to fit as an attachment.....the lines in the fence blurred a little.

                        Attached Files
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                          Very nice. You will log the dig cameras.
                          May I suggest you get the books I got on photography? I am learning a lot. Well, assuming I could read them to the end. I am saving them to when I have long volleyball days...

                          Let me find the link for you. Also, play with the photogallery and let us know how easy you think the tool is to use.

                          Found it.
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                          So much to see, so little time. Try using your 4WD to see and do more.
                          Tread Lightly! Please, don't use the environment to enjoy your truck.