Who are the folks that contribute here and what do they drive?

Lets get this going. Please send me a note about you and cool pictures from you and your truck. The first ones to reply stay on the top...



Some call me WolfSoul, others call me Wolfie. On the 2-meter you can call me WF7SOL. 

I am an Arizona native, and currently live in Tucson, Arizona. I'm employed as a hydrologist for Pima County in the Flood Control District. I enjoy doing just about anything outdoors: hiking, white-water rafting, biking, birdwatching, 4-wheeling, rockhounding, caving (is that considered "outdoors"?? :-) ) soccer, you name it. I love exploring Arizona and the greater Southwest. Actually, I love exploring any place almost. I have traveled a fair amount around the world and enjoy experiencing other cultures and other places. Everywhere, all the time, 


Chris Marzonie


Chris Marzonie (a.k.a. "Baja" or "BajaTaco") lives with his wife Sharon (www.cyanrift.com) in Prescott, Arizona, USA. 
Interests include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, 4wd expeditions and adventures, travel, photography, wildlife, maps and history (particularly the Southwest). 

Vehicle is a '98 Toyota Tacoma customized for expedition style travel. Visit www.bajataco.com for details and trip galleries.

Jack Silberman


Jack Silberman (JackSilb) is your very own 4wdtrips.net site creator.

I know the folks that you will see in this site for about 5 years. They shown me how to pay attention and respect Nature, drive on the backcountry safely, and also how to spend $$s on my Toyota 4Runner.

Going 4 wheeling is an unwind time for my family and me. I believe that my family and I understand and respect Mother Nature much more after we started our 4WD adventures.

I feel sorry for the people that think that 4 wheelers are all destroying the environment. I believe that like me, most 4 wheelers Tread Lightly. We want to come back again an again. We want our kids to come back, and to their kids to come back too.

I believe that people that use their SUVs for what they were built for have a much better understanding and respect for the environment than people that never spent a night in a desert or other locations that an SUV can safely take you.

Take care, enjoy life, do good work, be respectful of Mother Nature.



Kyle can usually be found buried in his books trying to finish his Management and Industrial Design degrees or more likely hanging out with his friends trying to avoid the inevitable studying. Fourwheeling, camping, rollerblading, racquetball and tennis are also good diversionary tactics, as well as working on the FABLD 8 (1984 Jeep Scrambler) or the Z (1998 Chevrolet S10 ZR2).

Kyle has lived in Phoenix, AZ for the last 5 years, after growing up in the Midwest. The wheeling opportunities and chances for adventure are far more abundant in Arizona than they ever were in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and delve further into the marveled Arizona history is taken. The occasional chance to rock crawl and experience some of the most difficult trails in the country in the FABLD 8 is something that is also enjoyed.

If you're interested in learning more about Arizona wheeling, the FABLD 8 or Kyle in general, surf on over to http://members.cox.net/sweet4x4.

Harry Lewellyn


Harry Lewellyn, AKA the Silver Coyote, has roamed the unpaved terrain since age 13, when he helped his father with their desert homestead near Victorville.

He produced the California OHV Guidebook for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, publishes the Ecological 4-Wheeling Adventures newsletter and writes for the 4WD magazines. He has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, has appeared on radio and TV, teaches at 30 Southern California colleges and trains law enforcement, and search and rescue personnel about safe and proper use of 4WD vehicles.

He has come full circle from professional motorcycle and off-road racer to the new breed of "clean and easy" unpaved traveler. He leads 4WD tours throughout the southwestern U.S., Baja and the uncharted depths of Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon), Mexico.

He welcomes an opportunity to be a guest speaker at your club, company, service organization, or do special 4WD trainings.  See http://www.eco4wd.com



Yukon Bob is the name and being a Journey Junkie is the game. I believe that the journey is much more important than the destination. Having a destination, only gives us an excuse to make the journey. When I no longer have the desire to make the journey, Ill know the end is near. That is as philosophical as I can get.

I enjoy travel on roads both dirt and paved. A good road for me is one that not many people know about or use. It is a better road when some knowledge of the plants, animals, geology or local culture is thrown into the mix. It becomes a great road when you add some history. There is nothing like a journey down a great road.

My three main areas of interest these days are prehistoric Indian cultures, Spanish exploration of the Southwest and Mexico, and all things volcanic. There are enough destinations in there to keep me busy for a very long time. They range from the wild to the mild. Its difficult to travel the western United States or in Mexico without having something close.

I use my Yukon as a tool to make these journeys. It is my base of operations and my life support system. It carries the tools necessary to make every journey a great journey and get us back home. It allows me to pursue my Spirit of Adventure. It allows me to see and feel what I study.

I am fortunate to have a soul mate on my journeys. Peggy enjoys the trips almost as much as I do. (I say almost because its impossible for me to believe anyone could enjoy them as much as I do.) Shes actively involved in the planning and research. While driving down the freeway, shes the one that suggest, Lets see where that road goes? Shes been the driving force behind many a great journey. Shes a wonderful person and everything that Im not. I find that sometimes people will put up with my stuff because shes along.

The picture is of Peggy and me at Cueva De La Olla, Chihuahua, Mexico. I think it pretty well says who we are and what we enjoy. Its a great journey.



My husband Roger and I work with Harry of Ecological 4-wheeling Adventures.  We lead trips primarily to ghost towns and mining camps, with  the emphasis  on the history, geology, flora and fauna, etc., of the places we go. 

Roger and I are Friends of Jawbone, and Friends of Cerro Gordo.  I am the official ghost town gossipist of Cerro Gordo, and have written a book "Skinny The Ghost Bag Kitty of Cerro Gordo", that sells in the museum/general store up at the ghost town, and sells at Jawbone Station, with all proceeds going to the restorations of the town. 

When  I can't be out on a dirt road exploring a ghost town or mining camp, I'm here at my computer writing, researching and talking to others about the places I love.  I've dedicated my life to preserving the back country's rich history & environment for future generations to enjoy.  I hope that my passion and enthusiasm encourages others to do the same.






Growing up in Germany and watching reports about the Paris-Dakar Rally or the Camel Trophy I always wanted to do some 4x4 myself. Central Europe is too developed however and there are not many opportunities for 4Wheeling. That situation changed for me when I moved to New Mexico. All of a sudden there were many places to explore off the road. It didn't take long and we got a 4x4 and started exploring the Southwest of the US. Now living in So Cal we enjoy the deserts here.

Besides traveling locally in the US we like to visit places around the world traveling just with a backpack. If there was only more time...and money...

Other things I enjoy: anything related to the geo-sciences, hiking, mountain biking, maps, playing Go




While Brian is my name, I am generally called "goodtimes". If you want to know why, youll have to come along on one of the trips to find out.

I enjoy most things that are outdoors, and away from civilization. The more remote the location, the better! I was raised in mountains of Colorado, so I am not new to spending time with mother nature. I have spent most of the last 20 years involved in some sort of out-door recreation. My first backpacking trip was in 1984, my first off road 4x4 trip in 1989. My outdoor interests and experiences range from mild to wild. Some of the more memorable trips include backpacking along the Continental Divide Trail, exploring south-eastern Utah in my 4x4 and on foot, and horseback riding in Australia.

Whatever you do, doing it outdoors is better.

Please remember, we only have one world to live in, help us take care of it.


The Hollens


We are Steve and Edie Hollen. Our first real date and adventure was vertical caving in the rainforests of Mexico. Edie passed the test and we've been looking for adventures together ever since. Steve's first trip off-road to Baja was in 1965, but introducing Edie to Baja was another story. She had always heard the "horror" stories about Mexico, but we took a few of Harry Lewellyn's courses and trips and she's been hooked ever since. We love exploring Baja, our desert, mountains, caving, and sailing our boat the "Andalucia". We've explored most of Baja and mainland Mexico with our Grand Cherokee much to the dismay of many dealerships. We have made many friends along the way but always love meeting and exploring with new people. This is a picture of our Jeep going through the squeeze in Anza Borrego Desert. This is the kind of thing we enjoy and will do on a moment's notice or a weekend jaunt.

We will soon be ready to start a new adventure afloat, a dream that we've had for many years. We want to spend the next few years exploring Baja by sea instead of land, then on through the Panama Canal, and eventually cruising the many canals of France and the Mediterranean.

The Hollens



4RunnerDave is the name people say I should use because that is the name everyone knows me by anyway. But on all my bills it says Dave Legters.

In analyzing the things that I like to do it appears that most all of them involve outside activities, and usually riding on, or in, something. So if it has wheels, or floats, I'm into it. Ok, I do like hiking too even though that is under my own power. Contrary to the way it looks so far, I do like exercise.

My vehicles of choice are Toyotas, preferably white ones. I currently have five. The one I use the most is a 1999 Tacoma. It is a great truck. I also have a 1985 4Runner that I use for the tougher stuff since it has a few upgrades, and I am working on a 1988 Pickup. I am not sure where I am going with it, but I am working on it. My very first 4wheel drive, which I just sold last year, was a 1987 Toyota Pickup truck. I put a quarter of a million miles on it, and probably half of that was on dirt.

My business is real estate management in the Pomona Valley. I have lived in this area all my life except for the time spent at the University of Denver in Colorado. That is a great state and I like doing 4wheel drive trails there as much as possible. I try to attend each year the "All 4 Fun" event put on by the Mile Hi Jeep Club. Each year is a different location somewhere in Colorado. They have made it possible for me to do lots of great Colorado Trails.

I believe strongly in supporting the groups that help make our 4wheel-drive hobby possible and keep the trails open! Therefore I am a member of the California Association of 4Wheel Drive clubs, the American Motorcyclist Association - and the local District 37, the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, and the California Off Road Vehicle Association. I donate as much as I can - as often as I can. If we don't stay active and involved we can't cry when there are no more places to go.

Happy Trails!



My name is Chuck and I've been into the outdoors all my life.  I currently live in northern New Mexico and work as a wildlife biologist.  I went into this field because working in an office just wasn't for me.  My office is outside!!  I bought a GMC Sonoma ZR2 new in 2001 and got involved with online clubs soon after.  I started surfing truck sites in order to get technical help on modifications and repairs and then started attending a few of the organized trips.  When I take my truck to the back country, I take the tread lightly principles seriously.  If you cannot follow them, then you won't wheel with me!  Besides, they are easy to follow.  I joined this site because the people here have a real adventure spirit and don't trash the land in their travels. 

I love exploring remote areas in the southwest.  My other interests involve traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking, bird watching, wildlife photography, herpetology, as well as discussing politics and environmental issues.  I hope to travel in central and south America someday. 

See you on the trail.




Hi! I am Scott Brady, owner of Expeditions West. LLC (www.expeditionswest.com). Personally, I have been an OHV Trainer for the Arizona State OHV program, Land Rover North America and Tread Lightly. I am a Master Tread Trainer for Tread Lightly. Expeditions West is my business, which focuses on Vehicle Dependent Expedition travel and earns its revenue from Magazine article contributions, testing of sponsor equipment and the use of our Photography in Magazines, catalogs and websites. Expeditionswest.com receives over million hits per month, and features many of the adventures discussed on 4wdtrips.net! Our adventures have included Baja California, the Sierra Madre of Mexico, and throughout the US.








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