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Thread: Al Walter has passed away

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    Default Al Walter has passed away

    I'm sorry to have to post this news, but a long time friend of many of us on this site has died this past week. Al Walter was a well known explorer of Baja and the Southwestern US. He was particularly fond of the Death Valley region and Baja. He will be missed on the trails and around the campfires for years to come. I cannot do him justice here and I apologize for that.
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    Al was our mentor and teacher. We learned a lot from him on countless trips through the southwest and Baja. The desert won't be the same without him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteThaiGer View Post
    The desert won't be the same without him.
    I think that sums it up pretty well.

    He'll be missed.
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    BX called us with the news - wish we'd been able to attend the celebration. I did however toss back a double shot in his honor, and hope those there had a great time remembering Al.

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    Apryl and I are really sad to hear this news. Al was in the group on our first ever off-roading trip, he was in the group on our first ever camping trip, and he was our campsite neighbor the first time we used our first roof top tent. He sure got a kick watching us make dumb mistakes and learn lessons he learned so many years before us! His input and advice was appreciated!

    And even though it has been quite some time since we've been on a trip with Al, the mere fact that it won't be possible now saddens me. You will be missed, Al.

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    Anything said will pale in comparison to the memories I'll cherish. He'll always be with us. I know you know what I mean.

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    Sad! I remember a couple of years ago AL said he was not feeling well and he won't be typing as much. Great guy with a World of Outback Knowledge! AL will be greatly missed!
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