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Thread: Is there anyone out there?

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    Some names are familiar (esp BajaTaco), just wish my memory was better...Or at least be able to check out the old stuff to refresh it. Most of it's gone (talking about other sites, like

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanh View Post
    Pretty pathetic for a retired guy who had all those plans.
    I feel your pain, man. I retired in July 2016 and havenít gone anywhere.
    David A. Wright
    Happy Trails to you, until we meet again ~ Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

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    Man, sad to say I haven't even thought to check this forum in probably two to three years, and prior to that it may have only been once or twice a year for some time. Not sure why I happened to think to check it again, but I knew the activity around here slowed way down a number of years back. I never was all that active on here even in its heyday, but still recognize a lot of screen names and a few old friends who chimed in. Looking through this thread, the newest guy signed up way back in 2007. Impressive! Bunch of old-timers.

    Dang, Chris' Taco is 21 years old! Super cool. I bet it's still as clean as ever. I still have my 2002 4Runner (bought new) that I guess is now 17 years, but had to retire it from trips two years ago and got a new one. It had a hard life and the front upper strut mounts kept tearing on me. I was pretty hard with it. It has ~333,000 miles over its 15 years of active use, and my best guess is somewhere north of 40,000 off-road miles (something I am now tracking), many of them rough, as I chased after many sunrises and sunsets. I slept in the 4Runner Lodge 677 nights, which was the final count. Numerous trips and all kinds of beautiful places. I still take frequent trips, but the pictures and videos never make it beyond my hard drive. Actually, I'll see if I can put up a couple. I always did like visuals.



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