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Thread: Bear Country

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    That would be perfect for the vehicles at night on our Alaska trip!

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    Dammit! I coulda used that in Honolulu 3 weeks ago! No, not for bears, but the jackass that stole the driver's-side mirror off the rental car!


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    Thanks so much for all of the information, everyone. It's much appreciated. Upon returning from the NP, I'll be putting together a web site and I'll definately post the address up here.
    J N

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    This site might be worth looking at.
    Well some things I do and bring in bear territory are:
    I cook 100yards with the windblowing away from my sleeping area. I change clothing after I have eaten, brushed my teeth and packed up the kitchen.
    If back pack tenting, I use a water proof bag from sealline (keeps thesmell fromescaping) for food to go in and use a rope from one tree to the next like a cloths line 15+ft up and pully up the bag in the center. If the limbs of a tree at long enough I use a Marrison Haul System for the food.
    If you wipe down the outside of food containers with white gas from your stove it helps. I use moth balls around the site some times and it helps with food smell to. They don't like it.
    If you keep your food in the truck use the moth balls around outside and put a small lid with whitegas on the cooler lid in the truck. I have a rag I keep uder my seat for checking oil, spill gas wipe etc. and also throw it over the cooler.
    I don't use deoderant or smelly soap. No food gets tossed in the fire.

    For hiking, but also good around the camp:
    I bring bear spray and also a small pen flare with flares and bear bangers. The spray is for close encounter the banges are good for some distance if banging rocks or claping hands don't work. The flares are used for safty call or if nothing is working (last resort) before they get to you. A shot of fire directed to them is a good scare, just go make sure the fire is out after they have left.
    If you happen to walk up on a bear keep facing them and slowly walk backwards. Don't screem or yell. Don't look them in the eye. If they make a move toward you keep backing up but if the start a charge (the first ones usually a bluff) bear spray them in the face.
    I usally hike with trekking poles if you get backed into a corner take the pole and put the handle towards the ground and put your foot against it then lean the pointed end towards them if they charge, stand hard on that handle and make sure the spear end hit them.
    If all fails and it's a black bear fight back. If it's a grizz play dead.

    Avoiding is best: If they are in the distance, wait them out. If they keep moving close, be noisy. If they are getting you uneasy back out and use a banger. If they keep coming and looking searious only at you, keep backing out and flare if you have to but be aware of the suroundings (I was thinking a road flare stuck in the ground might even be better). If they get within 30feet and backing away is not working, spray but be sure you have a good shot. If they have done the bluff charge and the spray is not working flare em and get ready with a pole as a grounded spear.

    Needless to say I have never needed to use a flare and will at a last resort, it may not even work. A road flare might be goodthough.The bangers work great. The spray worked good but I think I was lucky. The black bear was on a trail and I started to back away. She started to come towards me on a light run not a bluff charge. I had the wind at my back and was scared, I let her have the bear spray and it only went so far, I was to far away, but with the wind and her jogging into it she turned right away and was kind of coughing/snorting asshe went. A banger after that was a good extra for scare and hopefully for the next person. I continued to walk down the trail after aabout 20min wait. I had a chocking tickle in my throat with a burn in the nose. I guess I must have walked thur some or got it on me.
    A good point would beto try a can to see how it works first. Then keep a full one on person.

    My wife does not like to see them any where within a block of us. I could sit and watch them till they are within 60-80feet butthe adrenilan realy is pumping.

    A good video I had signed out at my local outdoor store was "Staying safe in bear country"

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    This month's National Geographic Adventure mag has a very interesting and sobering article on a couple killed by a grizzly while sleeping in their tent in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It's titled 'They Did Everything Right.' It's a good read.

    The article mentions the electric fence solution...of course it's only speculation as to whether or not it would have deterred the bear and saved them.

    One very interesting fact from the article, for those of you who won't get to read it. Bear experts speculate that grizzlies can sense how many people are in a camp before they attack it. Parties of three or more have rarely gotten attacked. A party of six or more has NEVER been attacked.

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    Interesting stats. More people together get safer.


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    That goes to the old saying "safety in numbers".


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    I've had this thought for a long time....and I have never heard anyone mention it here goes.

    We have all heard about all of the bear safety itmes available.....pepper spray and the like.

    But I have never heard anyone mention using a handheld FREON AIR HORN....

    You know.....the kind you hear at the ball games, graduations, etc. that just pierce your ears!!!!!....they make you duck...and plug your ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....and you are in pain for days after!

    What if youjust kept one of these air horns clipped to your shirt/jacket......and as a bear approches.....or pounces in the give him multiple blast's of ear piercing sounds that he has NEVER heard before in his bearish life>??!!!!!

    My gut instinct tells me that he would run away....very fast!

    What do you think?

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    Scenic WonderRunner said...
    ...My gut instinct tells me that he would run away....very fast!

    What do you think?
    Sounds reasonable to me. Who's gonna test the theory?

    I'd hate to think it would just piss'em off and they'd MAKE you stop [img]/forum/emoticons/hitting.gif[/img]

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    Now that is not a bad idea (if it worked) It would depend on the bears attuitude at the time. If he is just walking around and looking for an easy meal and he sees you lunch box then yah a blast would scare the shit out of him and he or she would run. If he or she is hunting you and jumps you then your toast or bear shit to be exact. If you come up on a mom and her cubs she will most likely eat you again. For bears nosing around I believe it would be a good deterant until they learn its not actually hurting them. That would take 2 or 3 times. Your best bet is to carry the biggest gun you can shoot accurately. Plus have one of those non leathal bear deterents. I would reccomend some type of fogger. But never venture into bear country with out some type of REAL protection.

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